trainer resistence - non smart / cycleops mag pro

Zwift recommends to have my cycleops trainer on resistence setting 2 , am thinking i might need more work in harder resistence (hill type sessions) with it not being smart trainer, should i be thinking of having my cycleops set to a higher resistence ? any potential flaws with this ? 



I think resistance level 2 is the recommended setting so that Zwift can estimate your power output based upon your rear wheel speed. You then increase or decrease the power output by changing gear and cadence. You can then do a Zwift workout and try to maintain the target power level. You’ll need to do a FTP test to set a baseline. Workout power targets are done as a percentage of FTP so getting it right is crucial.

You then do workouts targetting what you want to work on.

Hope this helps.

having a PM & not using Zpower that shouldnt be an issue then ??