Resistance setting for CycleOps (Saris) SuperMagneto PRO

I’m starting to get my setup dialed in using a speed sensor and a classic trainer (the one in the title, CycleOps (Saris) SuperMagneto PRO). I’m doing the Build Me Up training program and have done enough rides that I think my FTP is set appropriately.

However, when I have to do low cadence (60-65) at 90% FTP, I kinda run out of gears. My gearing at max is 52x11 (pretty sure, although may be 52x12).

I have two questions about this trainer resistance setting:

  1. Just to verify: is the “Road” setting what Zwift means by setting “2”?
  2. If so, is there a way to increase this to the “Interval” setting (I would guess that means “3” in this case) and Zwift translates the power correctly?


  • James

Hi @James_McLaughlin1, when you pair your speed sensor and choose the trainer you have, Zwift should indicate what setting to put it on (2, 3, or whatever). You need to leave it on this setting at all times, or the power curve will be altered and your estimated watts will be very inaccurate. For the training plan to work you need to have the most accurate power possible.

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Hi Mike! I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

That doesn’t quite address my two questions, though, aside from implying that maybe only one setting is ever supported per trainer.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, but yes, only one setting is supported so you should not change it because you are running out of gears. Zwift will not translate the power correctly if you change it to 3.

Bummer, that’s a disappointing limitation for my trainer in Zwift. I was hoping at least options 2 and 3 would be available in this case to give a bit more flexibility.

I’m trying to get good training in with minimal new equipment investment and thought Zwift would be a good route, but that will likely get in the way soon. Guess I’ll see if I luck out on any other services with what I have.