Which resistance setting should I use on the CycleOps Super Magneto

The CycleOps Super Magneto have 4 different resistance settings (Easy,Road, Interval and Mountain) and each has a different power curve.

Which is the correct setting for Zwift?

Thanks - Chris

Hi Chris,

It should be set for ‘Road.’

Thanks for this as not telling people which to choose was an oversight! We’ll correct this as soon as we can.

Just to add, if youre going for KOM or sprints make sure the trainer doesn’t ‘slip’ into mountain mode. Mine always seems to after a hard sprint and I need to get off to readjust (the plastic dial pops out a bit and it needs a bit of force to).

While I don’t have a power meter to confirm it, the power curve seems to be way off - I’m at a cadence of 90 and a wheel-speed of 16mph yet the power reading is around 30 watts. Anything I can do to troubleshoot on my end?

Thanks - Chris