Cycleops Super Magneto vs Super Magneto Pro?

Hello everyone. Usually I Zwift with my Wahoo Kickr Core trainer and never had an issue with Zwift. However my wife decided to join me since I still have my old Super Magneto Pro classic trainer lying around. I got the Garmin Speed 2 and everything connects smoothly. However after I choose Super Magneto Pro on Zwift and set my trainer to Road/Setting 2. The power estimate seems to be very very low. I give it a try and I can be going at 28kmh on London flat in Zwift with like 30-40W displayed. I know my wife is lighter than me but that just doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Then I tried to use the Super Magneto instead of Super Magneto Pro setting in the menu and the reported power seems to make more sense. I tried to google the difference online the difference between Super Magneto and Super Magneto Pro but can’t seems to find the difference. My trainer leg for sure has the “Pro” word engraving on it though. Now I just don’t have much confidence in what setting I should be using.

Want to see if anybody is Zwifting with Super Magneto/Super Magneto Pro and can help me to cheer up my unhappy wife after she got a 20watt average after her first ride…lol

Some update. I tried to test ride with my wife’s setup and it just doesn’t make sense because I can also comfortablly cruise at 30W. I have a one side power meter on my bike and frankly I don’t even know how to push just 30W without almost stop pedaling lol.

So I tired the same setup for my wife running Rouvy, and the power reported makes much more sense around 80-100W. So I think both Supermagneto and Supermageneto Pro power curve in Zwift is somewhat bodged.

I have just done setup as new user on Zwift with SuperMagneto Pro (purchased 2012) and have same issue - watt values extremely low for effort used. Any assistance / advice really appreciated, Thanks.

Unfortunately I may be seeing similar behavior with my SuperMagneto Pro. I can’t seem to make sense of the power curves vs what Zwift reports. I separately log my speed/cadence on a Garmin 520 via ANT+ and always select the SuperMagneto Pro in the app. I’ve been using Zwift for a while and just been accepting what it is, as the speeds/distances in the app seem accurate enough for what I would get on the road for equivalent rides…I think?

An example would be holding a steady ~20mph reported on the Garmin and Zwift reports ~130W. I look at the power curve, and even on the easy setting (presumably “1”) that should be ~160W. For setting “2” (road), this would even be a little over 200W. This is according to the curves from the manufacturer (just search “supermagneto pro power curves” and find on cycleops website) as well as measurements taken by someone at Trainer Road (just search “trainer road supermagneto pro added”). (Side note: not being able to add links to a post makes no sense and is pretty annoying)

Haven’t had much luck getting info from Zwift or these forums, though. Might be worth my time to compare to Trainer Road or Rouvy or something (as you did). I’m guessing with their new round of funding and the focus on developing their own hardware, the accuracy of dumb trainers w/speed sensors are even less of a priority than they were before. Too bad, it makes something fun like Zwift that much less accessible for people.