Cycleops supermagneto pro zpower to low

Hello. I found several topics from 2019-2021, but they still don’t have a solution.
Has the Zwift team been unable to solve the problem for so long? Or are there really so few owners of such a trainer who use Zwift?

Problem: Output power is too low. For example, at a speed of 35 mph in a straight line with a cadence of 90, the power shows less than 100W. I rode last winter on a smart simulator and I understand that I give out much more effort at this moment. My ftp is 270 and all summer I rode with a power meter, that is, I understand what I’m talking about.

Trainer settings: speed and cadence sensor, flywheel position 2, tacx blue tire, 110-120psi

Unfortunately, now there is no way to buy a smart trainer or power meter. So I’d love to get some help. Maybe you should try to choose some other trainer from the list before the session? But there are a lot of them and it will take more than one hour to do this.

I am attaching the power curve of the simulator for clarity.

That is, if you convert my 35 km/h to miles, you get more than 20 miles per hour. And as you can see on the curve - this is more than 200W

Can support tell from their data on what other trainer has a similar power curve? So that I choose another trainer from the list