Watt output so low

This is the second time I’ve tried Zwift. As before I connected all the sensors. I’m using a dumb trainer - Cyclops Supermagneto Pro - and even though I’m pedalling hard, the watts are consistently low. After the Zwift session today, I did a Trainer Road workout - same effort, and the watts were instantly doubled. What’s going wrong with the Zwift set-up I have?

Can you give us a complete rundown of your setup, the more detail the better.

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Cyclops Supermagneto Pro, speed sensor, cadence sensor and HRM, all connected to Zwift via my laptop. As a comparison, I did 4 miles, 12.5 mph, 55W for a 20-minute introductory session on Zwift, then went straight back to Trainer Road: 7 miles, 14.4 mph, 110W for a 30-minute session.

OK, sped is irrelevant.

It would be hard to know which is correct.

What trainer are you selecting in the Zwift Pairing Screen and what tire size?

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I select the Cyclops Supermagneto trainer on the pairing screen. The tyre is 700 x 25

What size tire do you have on the bike on the trainer?

Are you using a trainer tire?

What PSI is the tire at?

The tyre is 700 x 25. It is not a trainer tyre. PSI is around 90.