Training with non smart trainer

I don’t have a smart trainer. It’s a tacx blue matic. The resistance has to be set on level 3 so Zwifts algorithms can estimate my power. As my power (FTP) has improved this setting is no longer adequate. Is there a way of putting the resistance up so I can hit the required power targets on training programs and the effort being recorded accordingly.

No unfortunately not. Zwift will not know that your trainer is on any other setting. So if you use a higher setting it will just be harder to reach your FTP number. You could change the setting and do a new FTP test (the new FTP will be lower) then train to that. But that is a last resort.

You can change your gearing so you can reach higher wheel speed and thus higher power.

Or it may be time to get a new/used trainer with a steeper power curve. See the link below, not all are supported by Zwift.


Thank you Gerrie.
I’ll check out link.
I have been using higher setting and re doing my FTP which works fine until I then join in a race. Then of course my FTP gets readjusted, etc etc. I also put larger chainring on but Zwift seems to have a ceiling on power output for my trainer.
I was hoping a zwift engineer (which may be you?!) would see this and be able to create algorithm to be able to adapt if I manually input the resistance change… otherwise it’s a new trainer :smirk:

@Antony_Thornely: Unfortunately I am not a Zwift engineer.

Yes it would be nice id Zwift could program more power curves for trainers with variable resistance, like your trainer that has many settings. but i guess they have a good reason for that.

Yes most trainers has a upper limit.

It look like it is time for a new trainer, or you can get a powertap wheel so you can have “real” power numbers and you can use any setting on your trainer.