Re: zPower and Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer w/ GSC10

I have the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 trainer, which has the handlebar mount for resistance control. I see that resistance is supposed to be set at “2” according to another article on here. (at least I think that refers to my trainer, it says “blackburn mag 6”. My question is: do I have to leave the trainer on resistance 2 the whole ride and just adjust my effort with my gears? Or can I change my resistance to reflect the perceived effort I see in others on the screen? I don’t think I can go hard enough on level 2 to compare to what it should be on hills and such. My very first ride I found that to get to the cadence of others while climbing, I had to have my trainer on a much higher resistance. I am trying to get the most out of this despite not having a power meter by making it as realistic as possible. 

I don’t have the answer. But I have the same set-up as yu and would love to get an answer from the Zwift staff. Level 2 on the resistance setting is way too low!

Has there been anything looked into on this? I am having the same issues. Thanks