Resistance settings

Hello. I am new to Zwift and to this type of cycling so please forgive me if this is a dumb request.

I do not have a smart trainer, and so Zwift does not adjust my resistance. Would it be possible for Zwift to display for users like me a suggested resistance number setting based on your bike, weight, etc.? I understand that bikes use different scales, and so the number would have to be specific to the user.
If it were possible to intelligently do the adjustment manually without guessing, I think that would be a great improvement.

When you pair you pair your trainer Zwift tell you what resistance setting to use. You should only use that setting.

See in the video below for that trainer they say “use setting 2” your trainer may be a different number.

I have a spin bike, not a trainer. My bike is not in that list. It’s a Schwinn IC4. The resistance scale is 1 to 100.