Tech questions

This isn’t an issue with Zwift but my old 2009 madone i use as a trainer bikes, front shifter is broken. considering it’s a trainer bike i’m curious if i can get around actually fixing it by somehow changing settings in zwift. i did a hill portal today and it was rough with just the large chain ring….

i’ll probably get it fixed eventually when the weather is better but until then i don’t want to be without it.

If you have a controllable smart trainer paired for Resistance on the pairing screen, there will be a slider in settings called Trainer Difficulty. Default setting is 50%. If you lower it, you’ll get less resistance on climbs, more resistance on descents, and no change on flat roads. It makes the hill less steep in terms of trainer resistance both up and down the hill.

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thanks that was helpful. Will get me through this snow storm with this bike at least!