Rescan button during ride for when Bluetooth/ANT sensor drops off

Sometimes during my ride, my Bluetooth will lose signal to the trainer. Or the ANT antenna might lose connection with my heart rate monitor. If I want to rescan to pick them up again, I have to exit my ride and make 3 or 4 selections. If would be great it I could just hit a “Rescan” button from the ride screen so that the signal could reconnect without having to make a lot of selections while I’m still pedaling.

I assume you are using PC, you can press the A button on your keyboard to bring up the pairing screen.

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Nope, I’ve use either a Macbook Pro or my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet. I’m not a PC user. I will try it with those, thanks (not sure if the keyboard will appear from Zwift on the tablet). Why would they make this a hidden feature? Any more than one click to rescan is too many while you’re in the middle of a ride, IMO.

Shouldn’t have to exit the ride, can you just tap on the screen, hit menu and select the pairing option? Not quite one touch but fairly easy even when riding.

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I wasn’t aware of the A key function. It works on my Mac, but not on my Samsung tablet. Personally, I think it there should be a button on the ride screen (on all platforms) that reconnects the signal, considering that dropping the signal has been a known bug in various versions of Zwift. The time it takes to reconnect on a short burst effort (when using the training plans) is crucial so that you get to complete that section, (which can sometimes be as short as 10 seconds).

In the 5 years of using Zwift I think I mightn’t have had only couple signal drops. Signal drops are usually caused by interference and are not a bug.

Are you using ANT+ or BLE?

I can understand your frustration with this @Rosemary_Tayl, it used to be ‘a feature’ in the early days of Zwift. I can remember support asking for details of my setup, so worth contacting them. Like @Paul_Allen for years now it hasn’t been an issue. I tried to use BT at first but gave up and got an ANT+ for my setup and never saw the issue again with my TACX trainer.

It seems you don’t have an issue with you MAC so I would connect with that and then use you Samsung as the controller as I do with my smartphone.

Also, I would try with only your trainer connected. If you are like me I have other BT connected things it won’t help.

I don’t agree with you about the button on the main screen as very few see the issue. Please stick with it, Samsung is mainstream so if others are seeing issues support will be actively working on it.

How do you use your smartphone as a controller? I’m not familiar with that. If you can point me to an article about this, I’d appreciate it. Is there somewhere I can find tips like this? I just started using Zwift (usually prefer to ride outside, but I have a trip coming up in early April and I need to be ready for it.)

Install the Zwift Companion App on another device and use it as a sort of remote control.

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Paul_Allen: I bought a floor model used trainer, Hammer 2, from a local bike shop. I’m friends with the manager there and he helped me set it up. It uses Bluetooth to connect to my Mac laptop. I would have drop outs on every ride until I updated the firmware on the trainer. (that was an unholy process in and of itself because they no longer use Rouvy, so I had to download another app, etc.) Now, the BT doesn’t drop out, but on the last ride, the ANT did. I use BT for the trainer (power, cadence, etc) and ANT for my Garmin heart rate strap monitor. The heart rate info dropped off and wouldn’t re-pair. I don’t have any other BT devices connecting at the same time. It seems to only want to talk to one BT device at a time. I was hoping to use my Samsung s2 tablet (because it’s less of a hassle to take down to where my trainer is), but the ANT won’t talk to that at all, and since there’s no keyboard, there’s no A key function to re-pair anyway. It’s enough to make me brave 20 degree temps outside! Ugh.

If you go to the Google play store and search for zwift then install. There is similar in the App store for iPhone users.

I’m a PC guy and don’t know much about Macs or the iPhone. I do t know a way you can use your Samsung to link with your trainer, you can use the Zwift Campanion then and not risk touching your Mac while might drip onto the keyboard.

You will find some useful information on