Replace Live data with FIT file for race?

Hi. My race data for this event zid=1742963 yesterday is showing still as Live Data rather than FIT. I suspect from other forum comments it’s because I left the world too soon after the end of the race. My activities aren’t set to be private. Same happened to an event last week, probably also left the event in a hurry… previous races seem OK.

I have read reference to “hard reset” working as a way to re-fetch the FIT file - if that is the case, can you do that please, or advise how I can fix please. The Live data is missing quite a chunk of the race/power-curve and is significantly lower than Strava shows for the FIT file ex Zwift.

Many thanks.

It doesn’t matter how soon after race end you leave the world. The lack of fit file processing is down to Zwiftpower being unreliable in its processing since it was moved to Zwift’s AWS cloud servers.

What Steve said is bang on.

If you want to a snail paced view of whats been done about it, follow this thread:

Thanks both - appreciate the steer. Bit crappy all round.

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