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I have race results that still show live data instead of data from the fit files. I think it’s because I tend to exit the event immediately, which may prevent ZP from capturing the fit files (I’ll stop doing that now that I know that’s an issue). The fit files show up under my activities tab.

Will you do a hard reset to see if ZP will pull in the fit files? I’d appreciate it.

Are your activities set to private? If yes, ZP do not get the fit files.

They are set to public. Of my 50+ events, only about 4 or 5 show live data; all the rest show fit files. I didn’t know that exiting races right away could cause issues. I’ll stop doing that. Can you try a hard reset? Like I said, I’d really appreciate it.

Mike Sparks

Exiting straight away shouldn’t make any difference. More likely this is just Zwiftpower being flaky at the moment. There were big problems last Tuesday, and I’m still not sure that it’s picking everything up correctly.

I wasn’t if it was me or them. I still have an event as long ago as Dec. 12, 2020, that shows live data, but the fit file shows under my activities tab.

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Hello Sticky and Team,

i just wondered why the in ZP shown data of the last races is not shown appropriately and checked my ZP Profile. Doing so i noticed that for the last 50 races ZP only shows my live data (green lightning) although all the .fit files are available in Zwift. I am using Apple TV.

Because of that many personal bests are not recorded and i am still sitting in A instead of A+.

it would be absolutely great if you could take a look into that problem and/or advise me what to do to avoid this problem in the future.

Thank you so much for your work with ZP!

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Hi Mike, did you get this resolved? I’m having similar issues now, so just wondering what the best way to solve this is? Thanks!