Removing personal name display - Why have a username if not possible?

Hi how do I remove my name from appearing next to my username on the forum?

For anonymity reasons I would like my personal first name not to appear next to every post. Whats the point in having a username if our personal names appear anyway?

I can change my username but there’s no option to change/remove/hide my Name. Any options to update this would be much appreciated.

I understand that you want this feature but a work around might be to try making a new account for the forum with an anonymous name (there’s a chance you don’t need to have a zwift subscription to be on the forum…I haven’t tried, give it a go). If it does work it will mean you won’t be able to use companion app to use forums unless you log out and in etc.

I note that on the sign up screen it says your first and last name will be visible to other Zwifters.