Forum username

I’ve just noticed that my forum username has changed from Daren_Chandisingh to Daren_Chandisingh_VI

Why’s that? I can assure you there aren’t 5 other people with my name around here.

At the same time, my display name has changed from my actual full name to just Daren.

I don’t think it’s anything to do with the seedling emoji I have on my Zwift profile because I changed that months ago.

It looks rubbish, please can you change it back?

Isn’t that something you can change/control yourself via your forum account preferences?

Not that I can see, no. Things like bio are editable, but the other stuff is synced from the primary Zwift account I think.

Yes, I see that now. I guess it only allowed you to set that when you created the forum account. Well it did, when I created the account a few months ago. Odd that they changed yours. Like you said, I doubt there are five other people with that name.

I’ve realised that it’s the VI part of [VISION] in my Zwift name. :rolleyes:

That makes some sense, but I don’t know why it has been re-imported.

Having my team name in my surname field is only a workaround for not having any built-in team management, so hopefully they will add that.

Anyway, I’m going to remove it and hope my forum username here updates… =)

Well, that half worked. I’m back to being “Daren Chandisingh :seedling:” rather than just “Daren”, but the @ username part still has the _VI at the end of it.

Because I have some autistic traits, I find this incredibly irritating! =)