How to delete forum account?

Can’t see the option anywhere, which is a bit odd. Surely it’s possible?

Asking for a friend.

Do you have to create a separate forum account or is it linked to your Zwift account? I thought as soon as you enter the forum through the companion app you automatically have an account…

Yeah that’s correct (in fact I don’t recall it even asking), I just find it strange that you seemingly can’t go in the opposite direction. I’ve never had a forum or social media account before where I’m not in total control of its deletion on demand.

Particularly considering that by default it pulls in your full name and photo, and is completely open to the entire internet.

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In fact how do I change my avatar on here? Or hide it?

I think it’s just your Zwift profile. No way to change or remove the pic.

Crazy. Evidently I’m not that arsed or I’d have asked before now but this forum is completely open to the world. Why do we have to change our avatar within a private subscription account to hide it in public?

Anyone? I’ve changed my avatar in the game and it’s not done anything here.

GDPR is a thing.

IIRC it takes a while to filter through.


Thanks. Any idea on deletion?

Because Zwift.

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So in case anyone else was wondering: once you have made any posts on here, your forum account can’t be deleted. Worth bearing in mind before joining up, and I think the forum should ask/confirm instead of automatically creating you an account, which is what happens if you navigate here from being signed in somewhere. Especially considering it pulls in your full name and photo for the entire internet to see and find - I imagine some people wouldn’t be comfortable at all with this, particularly women.

All that can be done is to anonymise your username (so it ends up something like anon45634553), and this has to be requested via the forum mods/admin.

Details here: Anonymizing Users in Discourse - announcements - Discourse Meta

Can you not go into preferences and change your display name?
Im fairly sure that’s what I did to drop my full name.

Completely agree, you should be able to delete your account and data here at your own request. Im fairly sure that breaks GDPR if you cant do that.

Yeah you can, but that requires meddling in the settings. I think it should default to something much less invasive - firstname_intial (like yours) for example. And having my photo on here should be totally optional, not related to my paid account. Nine hours and counting since I changed it.

All the search engines are trawling this site constantly, because it’s completely open.

The discourse assets are served with a service worker. You can delete it with your browser’s developer tools[1], but easiest would be to first check with a private tab.

Regulars will still see your old avatar until the cows come home, though.

[1] Should be the same in Chrome and Firefox:
F12 > Application > Service Workers > Unregister

Thanks. It’s still the previous avatar in an incognito window, and a different browser.

Ah, I could’ve also tried that myself. You’re right.

Weird, because I had the same issue before and that fixed it. :man_shrugging:

Maybe that was coincidence and the CDN refreshes resources in large intervals.

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I’ve tinkered a lot with my Zwift account photo and name in game, and I don’t use my real name at all in Zwift, because of the total absence of proper privacy options. (Have ended up going 0 followers / 0 followed / max. private settings in January – as much as Zwift allows – because of the terrible comms and data sharing set-up that Zwift thinks is j-u-s-t fine.)

Changing the image here and in my.zwift didn’t help, but I found that changing the image used in Companion, in combination with uninstalling and reinstalling Companion has an impact here in Forums.
Unfortunately, I cannot recall what exact sequence worked to get it to be as desired. I was certainly riding Jan to early March with a different account name and account photo to the one I use in Zwift Forums, but am back to having all identical across game and this place, for now.

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i changed mine a while ago and it updated on the forum… then i changed it again a few months ago and it didn’t update. all part of the zwift experience

Can anyone at Zwift advise please?

When I tried to have some forum downtime I logged out. Refreshing the forum would be enough to log me back in again. Removing notifications doesn’t seem to work either.