Changing Profile Picture

How do I change my avatar for the forum? Changed it on but it hasn’t updated on the forum.

Mine changed some days later.
We have to be patient… Zwift bussines as usual.


Two days later and I’m still waiting for it to update. This can’t be normal or am I changing it in the wrong place?

I changed it at, was not possible on my Android mobile (using DuckDuckGo browser).
Took some days and I believe I logged out and in again.

I also changed at It’s updated in the companion app but not here. Just did the log out and log in suggestion but didn’t work.

Edit, looks like it has worked for the profile in the thread but the profile pic in the top right is still my old one

Did this get resolved? I’m having the same issue.

Log out and in again.

Thanks Dave, that worked after I logged off my forum account on both my Chromebook and phone and restarted.

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