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How do I change my profile pic - neither customise nor settings seem to let me do it.

Hey Mark - on the Zwift Mobile Link app, navigate to Settings > Profile and tap on your pic to either take a new profile shot or select one. Alternatively, log into your dashboard at and from the arrow in the upper right, navigate to Settings > General and click on your pic. 

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I have my profile picture in my dashboard but when participating in the forum, as just now, there is no picture (as you can see or can’t as it is the case).

I have seen some people with a picture here in the forum, so how do I add this?

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There’s no way to manage this just yet. We’re looking into ways to link your Zwift profile pic with the community software we’re using. Stay tuned. 

I’m unable to upload a photo to my profile.  I click “Upload Photo”, but nothing happens.

I am unable to upload a profile picture. I click the “Upload photo” button and all it does is laugh at me. Could you please fix this issue so I can smugly gloat and a ridiculous selfie.

I had the same problem when I was using Firefox. When I switched to MS Edge, it worked, so it may simply be a browser issue.

I am having this problem, I have tried my ipad, iphone and PC and can’t get any response when trying to up load a profile picture?

It’s not working for me either when using Firefox. I don’t trust other browsers so I guess I’ll wait for a fix.

I am trying to upload my profile picture but it is not working through any device, PC, Ipad, Iphone? Help please…Ive lost my identity!!

Add me to the list of Faceless Zwifters. Cannot get the “Profile Picture” function to work.


Last post was in February of this year. WAS it fixed?


Maybe you need a certain level of XP to unlock it? (just a shot in the dark)


(edit) have tried with both IE and Firefox. Neither works.

I have the same problem…(although i’m on trial level 6) can’t upload profile pic, tried with firefox and pale moon.

K ranked,

Are you trying here:

You can also change the profile pic using the Zwift Mobile App.

You could also try Chrome.

Hey Paul,

Indeed that’s where i’m logged in, when i click the upload button nothing happens, i turned off ad blockers but that wasn’t the issue. Not a big deal anyway, maybe i’ll figure it out.

I’m sure mobile app would work but due to technical reasons i can’t go that route.