Change Profile Picture

(David Leibowitz) #1


When I’m in my Zwift account, not the app, I’ve attempted to change my profile picture, but there’s no option for it. I’m assuming I have to do it from within the app itself. Would someone please tell me how? Thanks.


(Scott) #2

We haven’t rolled out a way to change your profile picture on the dashboard ( yet…stay tuned and Ride On.

(Brian Obie (WCCC)) #3

Does this response imply that there is a way to change the profile image from the app and just not from the dashboard or is there no way to set the image? I see some folks have images and I’d like to do add one to my profile as well.

(Marco Soldano) #4


(🍪 CookieODZ) #5



(Scott) #6

Currently, you can change your profile pick from the dashboard ( under Settings > General. You’ll be able to do it from the Zwift Mobile Link app in a future release as well which will be handy as Snapshots are saved to your mobile camera roll :slight_smile:

(Cycling Diabetic) #7

Umm, NOT able to change the profile image as of today. I click on the upload button and nothing happens.


EDIT: Switched browser to Edge and it works. Firefox fail.

(Kranked Team CLS) #8

Firefox fails, Explorer fails and Pale Moon also fails. Lame.