Uploading photos

How can you upload your picture to your profile? Searched for an answer but can’t find one.

click on your name (top right) > Edit my profile > Avatar

It seems to work for the Zendesk part of the site, but not for the main site.

Sorted - cheers.

I see no option Edit my profile > Avatar in zwift.com or support.zwift.com. Is this option actually in the game?

I can’t find this option either?

why can not upload new photo ?

will not work here either . Will not let me click on the upload new photo. 

Same here. I cannot click the upload photo link, it sits on top of the photo and in that area the pointer turns into a crosshair for cropping the photo. Tried with Chrome, FF, Edge and IE. Edge and IE don’t even display the photo in the preferences.

Just delete the photo you have and then you can upload a new one. That worked for me. Otherwise I could not change the photo due to the floating button issue. 

I was only able to upload a picture within the mobile APP.

_It did not work under the top level menu point Profile _ but only unter _ Settings -> Profiile _

Took me quite some time to find this one out as the obvious options withing the Simulator, the web-site and even the profile menu point did not not work with out any comment or hint.

Using Firefox, nothing happened when I clicked on “upload new photo”. I switched to Microsoft Edge and it worked fine. I was able to upload a new photo. (I still prefer Firefox.)

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Ditto with Raving Cyclist, completely unacceptable to have such divergence in program functionality, firefox vs windows vs any other browser. It clearly suggests inadequate platform testing.

Second, the functionality between ZML and the Zwift on the Windows OS, ridiculous differences that should not exist if professionally coordinated application development really existed here.

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