Username change?

Is it possible to change/correct my username without losing all my data? Do I email and request this?

ZwiftPower - Profile - Settings - Rider Name


ZwiftPower - Profile - Refresh Profile under your user picture (I think this syncs your username and profile picture, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last time I’ve done it and I can’t remember exactly).

nope. I am talking about Username, not rider name.

I don’t know what you mean then.

User name is located: Go to to the down arrow below your rider avatar in the upper right corner of the home page, select Forum Control Panel > select the Profile tab > then select Edit Account Settings…in there is the User Name that every person/rider signs up with… Not the same as a Rider Name, which is found in Settings. My Username and my Rider name are not the same. I would like to change my username.

When I go into my preferences there is a little ‘edit’ pencil next to my user name. Click on that and I can change my user name.

I think OP means the username you use to log in to ZwiftPower. I don’t think you can change that but an email to zwift should confirm it.

Yes, you can change the Rider Name. Not the Username.

I have sent an email to Zwift. Thanks everyone for trying to assist!