Removal of a user

(HawkiDoug Humble BRO) #1

I work for a bike shop that sells smart trainers and sponsors local Zwift group rides. When experimenting with the features of Zwift, we added myself as a user/rider to the app at work. Now I would like to remove myself from that screen within Zwift but for the life of me can’t figure out how to remove a user. Can anyone here provide me with the steps to do so??? Thx!

(Aoi) #2

If you are talking about Zwift on iOS then you swipe left on your user name at the log in screen and it should remove you from the list of users (a red trashcan appears).

(HawkiDoug Humble BRO) #3

How about on an Apple TV?

(Aaron Zwanzig) #4

I can’t confirm it, but I think you would need to log in under another user’s account, either existing or brand new, and then they would be the ones that autopopulate the login box. Otherwise you would need to delete and reinstall the Zwift app.