Apple TV update with multiple users

Just updated the app on Apple TV. My wife and I both use the app with separate accounts. Now though once one of us has logged it it seems the only way to get back to log in page and switch users is to restart the whole apple TV. Anyone else having this issue? Not that much of a pain but I foresee martial strife arising from this as my wife isn’t that patient with technology!

This is definitely not a bad thing even if you could switch users

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Hi Bertie. My wife and I both use our own accounts on ATV. We are running the latest TvOS but have not seen this issue!

we are the same - my wife just makes me do it for her - true love Bertie

No need to restart the entire ATV - just double-click the “TV/Home” button and SWIPE UP on the touchpad to terminate Zwift. Then reopen Zwift and you’ll be back at the login screen.

You are correct in so far as you can’t switch users (yet) while you’re on the home-screen.

Same problem- above suggestions not working either. Missed my workout window today and not happy. Why not just have the option for the other user to log out?!!

The latest update (yesterday) is supposed to include a logout option

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