Game Update 1.29 [September 2022]

Hi James. Thanks for responding. I cant tell you the number, but the row in Companion has’nt moved since, so looks like its also a little past 2/3 as Chris.


So it’s got at least two users. Rest assured, James will get it corrected. His support is terrific

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Thanks Uffe.

I’ve given your XP a bit of a bump, it should have you back to where you were.

Okay, but !!. When do Zwift upgrade the upper right screen with the route profile.
ALL to small profile. Showing 10 KM, must be 2 KM in all.
And need a fine line in the top of profile in red i think.

AND STEERING must be enabled in all activities.
Why not ?.

The font didn’t need fixing!

We have released Zwift game version 1.29.1 on all OS platforms.




Took you 15 minutes to comment on that Dave. You’re slipping, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


From what I can tell, it only took @Dave_ZPCMR ONE minute to respond, and then it was 15 minutes before you responded to him. I think he’s right on top of things! :rofl:


Indeed, I’m slipping.


Both issues (stutter and avatar flickering) are finally resolved. Great stuff, please don’t break it again. :rofl:

Shout out to @Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA who found the OBS workaround, keeping me sane all this time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


PS @shooj there was some evidence that running OBS in the background also resolved the 10th/11th/12th gen iGPU crashing issues, so you’ll have to see if this fix sorts that out too. Hopefully so.

Looking forward to test it tomorrow morning. :+1:

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I rode with latest version today. Number “1” is much better now. It resembles very much how it was with the old font. The figures are still moving left/right but just slightly.
Thanks for listening and quick reaction. :+1:

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These jersey icons are still missing btw.

What do you mean exactly? The jerseys which got displayed left of the username? They have been displaying fine on 1.29.0 on my system.

One thing I noticed that the jersey itself went missing on the avatar when cycling through intersections.

Only on the ‘rode with’ bit on the ride summary page. There should be little jersey icons next to the names, they’re missing for me on multiple systems (Win10).

I’m not about to cancel my subscription over it, but that’s the weirdest looking “1” I’ve ever seen. Almost looks like a ユ.

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  • New homescreen experience has been updated to list more upcoming events.

Is this the change that has caused any events I have signed up for to appear randomly in a horizontal list on the homescreen?

It used to be I logged in and any races I was signed in for appeared on a line on their own - super easy and accessible. Now they are somewhere in a list of started, starting and upcoming events - pretty confused and messy.

The redefined number one now looks as if it doesn’t belong to the Font anymore. It just doesn’t look or feel right.