New Home Screen Update [September 2022]

First ride with new home screen on Apple TV.

Only thought is it seems to have taken several more button pushes than usual to just ride.

Also, perhaps coincidentally, the Companion app won’t link up. :man_shrugging:t2: same as usual, same WiFi, airplane mode, companion app just sits there on the main screen, no matter how long I wait or how many times I restart it.

I’ll play with the new interface after my ride and circle back with my thoughts.

edit: The Companion app works fine. Coincidentally, my iPhone switched WiFi networks I have since disabled auto join for that guest network. My mistake! :sweat_smile: :bowing_man:

So I logged in and played w/the home screen. I didn’t have any particular issue w/the older one. The new one is different, mostly prettier one could say. Once you know where everything is, it’s okay. I’m not terribly picky. That said:

  • What is the sort order for the pace bots? It would be nice if they were ascending/descending by w/kg, or at least by name. As it is now, I saw something like C, D, D, D, C, B, A, C, etc… I couldn’t discern a method to the madness.

  • I’m using 1st gen AppleTV 4K and remote. Movement seemed slower/clunkier. This could be due to my having changed the sensitivity for the previous interface combined w/changes made to the new interface. I’ll have to adjust sensitivity and give another test drive.

  • It’s still the same old workout selection interface (not so great for Apple TV remote users) once you get a few clicks in which is in need of some refresh, both a facelift and functionally, to go w/the new Home Screen.

I don’t see the log out button on the top right of the home page on my ATV like I do on my macbook’s Zwift app. My wife and I both use Zwift and looks like once you’ve selected one account, there’s no way to go back and select the other account without “swiping up” to completely close out the app (ie, you can’t just hit the back button as the app re-opens from the ATV home screen with the previously selected user’s profile). Am I missing something?

I have a 55" TV right in front of me, so “extra small” scaling is absolute fine. But why is the settings menu staying the same size? I mean, all the options could be shown easily without scrolling. There´s plenty of space left on the screen.


Hi @evan-zwift I think you’ve made a significant improvement to the AppleTV platform with the changes to the RCU, so thank you for that. I’ve not used the new UI much yet, but one immediate RCU related thing (Siri Remote v2) that I’ve noticed is that the buttons do not auto repeat. So scrolling down a list, for example the list of routes, means clicking multiple times or swiping.

Press/hold for key repeat seems like an omission, as this works in other apps on the platform, so can we expect this to appear in a release soon? Thanks.


The ability to logout via the home screen on Apple TV is already coded and coming in the next release!



When will the “rollout” be complete for Windows Users? I still am on the legacy home screen even after Zwift has updated to the latest version. I thought this was supposed to be complete literally months ago.

I like the new UI screen and had no trouble navigating. I would like to see the option on the main screen to select your club rather than on the save screen where it is easily missed since the default cursor position is on the Save button. Even better would be the option within the Clubs area in Companion App to set your default club so that it does not need set each time.

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My Windows 10 laptop still has not received the updated home screen even after this latest update. I thought Zwift announced months ago that the Windows “phased roll-out” was complete.

Can we now safely update to tvos16

Feedback from my partner on the new UI - il tone it down as there was quite a lot of swearing.

She only uses it for prescribed workouts, why is it now so difficult to simply choose the workout and start riding.
Since when has more clicks become a better customer experience.
Where is the user guide or walk through for those who don’t use the forum or read zwift dedicated pages?

I only jumped on rode, wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t interact with it beyond clicking world, choose route, confirm route and I knew where to look.

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Yup, I’ve definitely found it to be more of a pain to select a structured workout (particularly with the old-style Apple TV remote).


Yes, it’s safe to update now. My ATV is on tvOS 16 and it’s fine.

I think it’s absolutely comical that the first (current) release of the new interface for Apple TV includes an improved ability to navigate the avatar facial hair menus but not the training plan selection menu. Especially right now, in the middle of Zwift Academy Road 2022. Not that an improved (usable) workout selection interface would do us Apple users any good, since most of the ZA2022 workouts are still, 10 days in, inexplicably missing from the ATV and iPad platforms. Pure comedy.


Im on new ui atv and im able to do the academy workouts there all on my homepage

The new Home Screen is a massive improvement. However… it’s still difficult to select a scheduled workout from a program with ATV. Why don’t these appear on the Home Screen? Am I missing something?

Correct - right now pressing and holding a directional button behaves the same as pressing it once. Our overall aspiration is to make navigation in Zwift more aligned with Apple TV’s native navigation experience (e.g. same behavior for pressing and holding, and all the nuances around swipe-based navigation). I don’t have a good timeline on those improvements yet because we’re still focusing on the core functional issues, but we do have this on our list.


Hi, @Gazza_Flanagan, my guess is you’re seeing all the short program ZAR2022 workouts. Only the long versions of #2 and #5 are available on ATV & iPad. ZwiftHQ has been aware of this issue for at least 7 days now.

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Where the new Home Screen appears as a desk covered with post-its, it offers opportunity for renaming, perhaps Alpe du Désordre to accurately describe the new time-consuming clicking feature for the ATV. We’re now able to take 10 minutes to get going on the route we would take 10 seconds to commence two days ago. I know you meant well, but really?


Correct :grinning:was just a thought there was more to it