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I have Zwift installed on my Windows 10 PC. Every time I start the program I am automatically logged in. I would like to log myself out so my wife can log in and ride on her account. However, as far as I can see there is no way to stop the automatic login and no way to log out once I am in-game.

How do I log out so I can switch accounts?

Close Zwift completely then clear your Internet Explorer cache and cookies.


Thanks. That stopped the automatic log in but is that the only solution? Having to do that each time my wife and I switch riders is not practical?

On the Apple TV there is a screen with every person who has logged in and you simple select that person. Or at the very least a simple way to log out from in game?

You can only log the launcher into one account at a time, switching is a matter of hitting ‘Change user’ instead of ‘Let’s Go’. Not very convenient but there you go.

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Easiest way is to Change user in the Launcher. As Dave said ^^


In my many many years and miles of zwift i have never noticed that before!! haha!

luckily i have never needed to change user (which is maybe why i never noticed it!)


Yup, that’s what I was looking for.