Red light foot pod


(Natasha) #1

Good morning,

I received my device last month and I had the change the battery 3 times for a couple runs each. It’s blinking red and it will not work. Can you please fix this ASAP

(Jessica) #2

Hey Natasha!

I’m sorry you’re having difficulties with your RunPod.

We’d like you to try updating the firmware on your Zwift RunPod to see if this resolves the issue. Instructions for updating your RunPod’s firmware should be available on the MilestonePod app.

Now, calibration for your footpod may be necessary after the firmware update. However, please make sure you fully exit out of this app after doing so, as signals can be hijacked away from Zwift if they are open at the same time.

Calibrating your footpod is easy as shown in the article “How do I Calibrate my footpod​?​” On your paired devices screen, once you pair the footpod you should see a wrench icon appear next to RunSpeed. Click on the wrench and the calibration screen will appear. We suggest setting the speed calibration at the normal pace you usually run.

Give that a try and let us know how it goes! If you’re still having difficulties, please find and send us all your log files for your device. You can find instructions on how to locate your log files in an article on our Knowledge base “Finding Your Log Files to help resolve an Issue.​​” and attach them to a support ticket. We’re happy to help!

(Natasha) #3


I sent my files on Sunday. Any word on what is wrong/?

Thank you

(Natasha) #4


Can someone please look in to this issue