Recording your rides with Nvidia GeForce Experience

I have just submitted a question to Nvidia about recording Zwift when Zwift is in full-screen mode.

For GTX cards, at least, the supplied app to do recording is ‘GeForce Experience’. I have no issues using this card, software of Zwift independently, but when I try to record a Zwift ride/race, with Zwift in full-screen mode, the app captures nothing.

When I run Zwift in windowed mode, the Nvidia software captures the desktop and it all works fine. This however leads to a recording with a window around it (such as here.

I’m hoping they support Zwift in full-screen mode. It would be surprising if they didn’t.

I’ll report back if I can.


PS - this is not a post about Zwift bugs and support, so, moderator, feel free to move it somewhere!

Sorry I didn’t see your post first: indeed I got my GTX to record when Zwift was in windowed mode (not full screen) using the Windows 10 Game Bar. Here’s the cross thread: Record Zwift Video - Windows 10

So, indeed, it’s a Zwift issue, since both the GEForce Exp and W10 GameBar both work in non-full-screen mode.

Since Zwift isn’t on the list of supported games of NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience, you have to launch GFE in Dektop Mode. Go to Settings > Privacy Control. You will then record your full desktop, and if you switch to Zwift in fullscreen, you will capture it in fullscreen.