Graphics card does Not Record Zwift

Maybe I’m duplicating the topics but as I understand this problem still haven’t solved, I can’t use video recording through the standard program for the Graphics (AMD ReLive)
Radeon ™ RX 470 Graphics
The program panel simply does not open in the game, the broadcast also does not rec
In all other games and programs everything works, as I understand the problem on the side of the game

OBS might be a better choice for this. BTW, it’s free.

Have you tried to run in windowed mode?

In windowed mode, it does not determine the game, but records the desktop, of course the game is recorded, but the problem is that I do not want to play in windowed mode …

You could try Zwift Windowed Mode with borderless gaming and see if that helps.

O I agree, but as Paul said Borderless gaming is your friend. Just google it. That is the way I zwift, apart from streaming it make switching between applications easy.


I don’t quite understand, for 6 months I can’t play normally, why not just fix the problem in place of looking for different non-standard and complex workarounds)))))))

No, if during the broadcast you start the game in window mode, the computer stops seeing the game and a black screen appears, as I said, the problem on the side of the game developers