Record Zwift Video - Windows 10

I want to record the video of some sections of my rides… in Windows 10 (NVidia GTX 1070 Ti card).
I tried using the Windows Game Bar - but it never appears on the Zwift game screen (after pressing WinLogo+G).

NVidia says it has something called ShadowPlay, which is only available if I install the “GEForce Experience” program - but that program seems too invasive…

So, for Windows systems, what are people using to record video sequences?

Thanks -Dave.

Open Broadcaster or otherwise know as OBS.

MSI Afterburner also has the ability to record video.

Both are free.

Xsplit would be another option, but I think you have to pay for it.

Elgato HD60S would be another option, but the devices cost about $160. This would be the best option for quality and experience.

Is there something simpler than this - I just want to be able to hit a key and save the last 30sec or so, like the Windows Game Bar is “supposed to do”. I already have all the video/audio editing software and years or editing experience (Sony Vegas stuff…). Thanks.

Setting up OBS is very simple and you can bind to a hotkey to start recording.

yes - full screen mode.

Today when I tried to activate and record using Windows 10 Game Bar - Zwift got minimized and there was a strange message from W10GB: Not available in explorer? Something like that - was hard to memorize since I was still pedaling and I immediately switched back to Zwift (so I wouldn’t crash).

OK - case closed - I tried using the W10 Game Bar when Zwift was windowed (not full screen) and it works fine.

Here’s another Forum thread I found on the subject: Recording your rides with Nvidia GeForce Experience

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Issue is GeForce experience won’t record full screen. Windowed mode is fine.

I got an email back from Nvidia confirming that they don’t support Zwift. I asked them if they can put it on the roadmap given thousands of people use it… Nothing back.

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I got some nice video today using the Windows 10 Game Bar (on the PACK 1.5 v (The Mountain) - And of course, I first put Zwift in Windowed mode (not-full-screen) before doing the ride.
The videos captured fine.

Interesting numbers:

My setup: GTX 1070 Ti, and UHD TV in ultra 2160 mode (getting 60fps).

The captured videos: 1080 resolution at 29 fps. meh, good enough. otherwise the file sizes would be way too big. A 3-minute video is about 200MB.

Full screen Zwift + Capture would be nice, however - someday - Zwift has lots of things on their list to prioritize, and one of the key things in a new growing company is to manage the growth and change. I’m very happy.

I use Mirillis Action and it will record fullscreen at 60FPS with very little jitter. It does create massive AVI files but it’s also possible to record directly to MP4. They don’t look as good as the big files run through final cut, but it saves a step.

I’ll check that out. For the most part, the 1080 and 29fps looked really good, and my video editing software can’t handle better (if I were to do some editing, titles, stills etc.).

BTW - Ben’s account looks kinda hacked…