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(Kevin Li ODZ (C)) #2

Speaking of Nvidia, I have noticed that Nvidia ShadowPlay doesn’t work with Zwift. I was hoping to use it (instead of using some 3rd party software) to capture some gameplay and check on the framerate.

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(Jon Mayfield) #4

I’m not aware of any advantage. Zwift already works best on NVidia without having to make any tweaks (other than a few calls I make for NVidia Optimus equipped laptops).

(James Page) #5

Shadowplay is a lightweight recording tool that allows for realtime streaming and/or recording of games that are recognised in Nvidia GeForce Experience app. Zwift is not recognised and therefore cannot be used, which is a shame because I’d love to record some zwift bunchrides to show to my non-believer cycling buddies.

(Matthew Zvirbulis | BBATG) #6

Ah yes it can be used. Just enable desktop capture