Streaming Software

Hey there… I want to video some footage when zwifting can you please recommend any software i can use?


I’ve used OBS Studio to record games before. It’s a wee bit complicated but it’s open source, so free and works quite well once you figure it out.

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Windows 10 can record your zwift session, if you happen to be using it.

Thanks Mike… I do have windows 10…how do i record a zwift session and can i start stop video recording at anytime?

yes, use the windows key and G at the same time to bring up the game capture menu, you might need to be in windowed mode not full screen, not sure.


I would just go download OBS its not hard to set up. And its great for recording.

If you do actually want to stream, rather than record to disk, I think Streamlabs OBS is more straightforward that vanilla OBS.