Pausing When Full Screen Loses Focus

(aaron) #1

i’m running in full screen mode. when i switch to another app Zwift goes black. its still running but nothing is displayed. is there a way to have Zwift continue outputting while another app has focus? i’m streaming with OBS. when an app other than Zwift has focus the stream goes black.

i’m trying to avoid having to run in windowed mode to achieve this. i really hate having the title bar on screen.

also can anyone tell me how to have Zwift start on my second display instead of always starting on the primary? i know how to switch it once its started with the Win+Shft+arrow. the problem with that is it always goes back to the primary display if the focus on Zwift changes to a different app.


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

I actualy have a solution for both your problems and it is easy. Download “borderless gaming” and run Zwift in windowed mode.

Borberless gaming (BG) will get rid of the task bar and you can tell it on which window to open.

And it work with OBS.

(aaron) #3

thanks! i’ll give that a try. i was hoping for something native to Windows/Zwift, but i’ll take what i can get.

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