Windows Title Bar

Hi.  I’ve done a search, couldn’t find anything but sure others must have asked.

How do I make the App full screen on a TV / Monitor - totally removing the Windows Title bar.

I’ve seen many videos with the title bar in place, but also seen videos like GCNs where the monitors definitely have no bars and it look MUCH better.

Thanks for any advice.

I think full screen mode is in the settings which you access from the return sign in the bottom left from the ride screen

Thanks.  I suspect I can’t reach this at the moment as I’m just watching the Demo (before my trainer arrives).  After you exit following someone I’m given the option to save / discard and then kicked out.  No options menu.


I can access it as a spectator. Don’t use the escape button cuz I go straight to the disco adoption. You must click the little orange arrow once to come up to the menu where you can customise your bike excetra on the right hand side there will be a settings button which you can then access things like full screen

Got it.  Thanks.  That has given me 1 big step ahead and another big question though.

1 - I can go full screen & I can change the resolution too to 1080 from 720 and it looks much better.  BUT

2 - I can’t specify that I want Zwift to open on the 2nd screen (the TV) which I now need to find a way to do.  Whilst in window’d mode I could just drag to the 2nd screen and maximise, but this left the title bar at the top.

Edit - I’ve researched that WIN + SH + Right Arrow / Left Arrow moves maximised Zwift between monitors instantly.

This is 90% of the way there.  However if you type anything on the PC then Zwift is instantly minimised on both monitors.  Ideally I can solve this, then I’ll be able to use the PC with Zwift running.

Glad you got better resolution. Not sure about your others. I have my TV connected straight to the pc with hdmi I.e. No separate monitor

For the latter issue to be resolved, borderless windowed mode is what you’d be wanting.

The game itself does not directly support this as far as I’m aware, however, external tools may help in this. Myself I have succesfully used the borderless windowed tool linked in the description here for other games. Gave it a quick test with Zwift, and it does work to create a borderless windowed mode. I cannot however confirm whether it’ll successfully stay on your second screen as currently I’m running a single monitor setup.

Thanks Stef.  I will be giving this a go over the weekend.  My Trainer arrived yesterday and I’m now up and running.