Can I select output display?

I have two display and I couldn’t find main display settings so just changed main display on windows display setting.

Is there any option for changing output display on zwift?

Since the last update Zwift will remember what display you dragged the window to and re-open there next time. If you’d like to do full screen, just switch to windowed mode first, then drag to the other screen, then choose full screen and restart.  Should then go full screen on your 2nd monitor.

Cool feature Jon.  Thanks for that.

Unfortunately I (like many others) have a general issue with Windows 10 which means that full screen apps are suddenly minimized to the taskbar with no warning or explanation.  This has stopped me from using full screen mode and I’m forced to run in a window.  It effects Zwift and games alike.

Another tip is Shift + Windows Key + Left / Right arrow.  This will move the selected app between screens (whether full screen or windowed).  I setup on the main monitor and once running ping it to the TV.  Once finished I ping it back to the main monitor to save and give the ride a name / exit.

I am running Zwift on a laptop to which is connected three monitors. One of the three monitors is a television which is connected wirelessly. I prefer to run Zwift on the television. I was having difficulty getting Zwift to run on the television each time I started it. I thought I had discovered a cool feature in which Zwift seemed to remember the last monitor on which it ran (a la the procedure described by Jon). Although that seems to work after the first time you switch modes in Zwift, that behavior is not consistent. I was glad to find this thread. It appears as though, even if Zwift doesn’t know how to move itself from one monitor to another, Windows does. I found that the keyboard combinations described by Andrew work for me. In fact, I’m able to invoke those keystrokes using speech recognition software – of particular benefit because my tremor makes it difficult for me to use the keyboard.