Multiple Monitor Selection

It would be nice to have a selection for which monitor the program starts on in full screen.  it currently only loads to the primary monitor, but when running off a laptop to a tv, it would be nice to specify for it to load on the secondary, rather than having to change the primary in windows.

I agree.  Can the Devs let us know if there is a workaround for this.  I have a three monitor setup and the TV is NOT the primary, yet that is where I want Zwift to start in full screen mode.

Can you add a test on startup that recognizes what monitor the starting page is on and then attempt to start zwift on that same Monitor when in full screen mode?

Sounds familiar. My setup sounds identical to Bob’s. My television is connected via Wi-Fi, using a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. If I start Zwift on the television in windowed mode and then use settings to switch to full-screen mode, when I restart Zwift it will run on the television in full-screen mode. I surmised that Zwift somehow remembered the last screen on which it ran. Unfortunately, this workaround does not produce consistent results. Within the next few days I should be in possession of an HDMI cable. I intend to replace the wireless connection to the television with a hardwired one. I don’t know whether that will make any difference in the way in which Zwift behaves in full-screen mode. Only time will tell.