Setting Screen Mode in Zwift

I’m running Zwift on my laptop to which are attached three monitors. Two of the monitors are attached physically, while the third is connected wirelessly. The wireless “monitor” is my 60-inch television, which is where I’d prefer to display Zwift. Additionally, I like to run Zwift in full-screen mode. The problem is that if Zwift starts in full-screen mode on the wrong monitor, there’s no easy way to move it. Instead, I have to return to Zwift settings, switch to windowed mode and then restart the application. This is very annoying!

Sometimes it appears as though Zwift remembers the screen on which it last ran, but I can’t always depend on that. I am accustomed to using applications in which I can switch screen modes dynamically. I’m hoping that sometime soon the folks at Zwift will fix this feature.

Why not configure your environment to use one and only one monitor (the “wireless” one), Start Zwift, and then while Zwift is running on that monitor, reconfigure it to add the additional other 2 monitors?

I am resigned to running Zwift in windowed mode. That seems to suit my needs. The problems I encountered while running Zwift in full-screen mode do not exist in windowed mode. The primary reason I wanted to run Zwift in full-screen mode was so that screen capture software (e.g., Open Broadcaster Software, Game DVR, etc.) would not include the window frame. This does not appear to be a problem. Neither Game DVR nor Open Broadcaster Software capture the window’s frame.

How do you get in windowed mode? I don’t see this option. (using app on a macbook)