Received XP Powerup in ZRL Race

Posting this for all the others who know their 30th place finish could have been first if they had received an actual powerup. :slight_smile:

I received an XP powerup in today’s ZRL race. I reported this in a previous season. Let’s get this working.

This is a strange bug in the way that Martin/WTRL sends us the tags that he would like to use.

For some reason Martin’s keyboard has a non standard inverted comma. I’ve updated these all for the coming week where they should work fine.


I had an even stranger bug it seems:

I did not get a power up at all, not even a XP powerup in yesterday’s ZRL race… This applied to the full race: you can see it for example during the sprint at timestamp: 27m44s (Also listen to the sound: nothing happens)

At 27m54s you get +10XP (which is the “powerup”) and immediately after that +20XP for completing 17 km.

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Ah, I thought the +10 XP is normal and for the bonus Powerup I would get +250 XP. Even after 3 years on Zwift, I wasn’t aware there were multiple XP bonus Powerups. :smiling_face:

Anyway, the raffle did not even start: is that what TO (Dave) is also describing (or did the raffle start and he end up with a +250 XP bonus)?

Ah, foiled by the Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard…