Eliminate XP power-up from races

Any chance to remove the XP power-ups from races? I seem to be cursed and get them more than half the time. They serve no purpose.

There’s nothing more disheartening than seeing everyone in your pack use their feather during the last climb and you have nothing and get dropped because you were so fortunate enough to get 10 XP a few miles back.

instead of eliminating them, would it not be better to have them on without xp bonus?

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I think they give a nice element of chance in a race. IRL there are a lot more random things that can happen and they have greater disadvantages.

Most races have multiple laps, that give you multiple chances to get the power up you need.
So you get a XP on the first lap and a feather on the second but choose to burn the feather for a chance to get a Helmet.

So it adds some luck to a race.


That’s exactly what I was suggesting Johnathan. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

Gerrie, Then the Zwift algorithm must just hate me with all the bad luck I consistently get in races. :smiley:

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Sounds like a good idea! :wink:


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The randomness issue is interesting but it’s the opposite in real life to Zwift life. In real life you only ever get bad luck. You crash, you puncture etc. In Zwift life it’s good luck, you get a bonus.

Not if you are like me and seem to always get 10 XP. :slight_smile:

That’s not always true. I had a dump truck pass me in a TT right before a downhill once. It was basically a IRL aero helmet PU.


Not sure that really applies to pro races though!

Of course it does! have you ever watched a spring classic? Most attacks are when there is a moto just in front of them so they can catch the draft and get pulled away, even it is only a second or two.

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It is now going to be an option for race organizers. It will be instituted during the Tour of Watopia. I think it is Stage 2


I guess my idea wasn’t crazy after all.

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