POWER UPS - Yes, No and How They Are Awarded

Power Ups - Discuss - Should they be awarded and if so should they not be awarded to all riders at the same time?

I regularly experience not being awarded a PU during a race when all those around me seem to have one and are able use it at critical points in the race leading to either me (and others) getting dropped or being out sprinted to the line through no fault but sheer luck/bad luck.

This rather affects your ability to compete and certainly messes with your head in a race especially when in a 4 or 5 lap race you get one feather and know for a fact another rider has had 4 Aero or Drafting PU’s. What is fair about that and why should one rider(s) be penalized in this way.

I think its a major fault of the way the system is set up - EITHER DON’T AWARD THEM or AWARD THE TO ALL ON EACH LAP for them to use when they need to. Do NOT award them randomly or exclude any on or few riders from enjoying the race.

Be good to discuss this and get Zwift powers that be to make a change that would be GOOD FOR EVERYONE.


Don’t know if you know this, so pardon me if you do, but to be awarded a PU you need to use the last PU before crossing the line or arch. 

And getting a 10XP PU in a race in stead of something useful is sometimes iritating, but it’s just the way it is…

Yes… fully aware thank you. I use them each lap before the banners and 9 times out of 10 get nothing.

My maain issue is that all should get them or non at all as it van affect the race significantly ehen you consistantly get disadvantaged like that.

Recognise your issue at the randomness being unfair in a race setting. In this scenario I’d suggest no-one gets the PUs. After all, what are they offering? How do these relate to real-life?

I would suggest though keeping them in the ‘just ride’ setting (or whatever it is called). It helps provide a little motivation to those / us struggling with motivation and helps provide a little further interest.