Received XP powerup during a race

I received an XP powerup during a Race Makuri race. This has been happening for years, in many different races. Is it so hard to get it fixed once and for all? Just put something in the code that disables XP powerups in all race type events somehow?

Race organizers and choose what power ups to enable.

So in the case of the Race Makuri series, would that be Zwift?

When that’s happened to me (twice in…two Makuri races), I just choose to believe that the system knows I’m a beast and needs to handicap me a little. It’s motivating.


Powerups in races for me should be disabled as they can give an unfair advantage.

They seldom come at the right time. A feather is no use on a flat course or on the last lap when the sprint is looming.

The serious race organisers disable them but I’m not sure the Makuri race series is aimed at serious competition.

Well, the UCI World Championships use powerups. It’s all part of the Zwift experience. Probably those taking part don’t like the randomness, but hey, it’s a game and not a real-world situation.

Like having a mechanical, a puncture, a better-funded team, quicker support crew or better domestiques? Life ain’t fair. There are races without powerups though if that’s what you prefer.

True, but in the UCI WC all riders get the same power ups. Not random ones.

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If that’s the case…

Then why have rules?

Why not just leave everything to fate?

I will leave Zwift the moment they implement:

-Divebombing magpies
-Cars on the road
-Pedestrians holding Allez Opi-Omi signs
-UCI sock height rules


That’s a bit of a big leap from not having powerups - a small random element in a cartoon bike racing game :joy:

No rules would be no game at all. I get what you’re saying, but if you dig deep enough, very little about Zwift racing is “fair”. It’s not fair that someone 45kg can kick my butt up a hill. It’s also not fair that someone 100kg can kick my butt DOWN a hill or on the flat. So what do I do? I find races where I can be somewhat competitive - short, sprinty, punchy climbs seem to work. There I can overpower the skinny waifs and become the skinny waif compared to the big guys.

It’s about making the best of what you have. And sometimes you will lose because of a bit of bad luck. But sometimes you might win because of a bit of good luck.

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