Power-ups Don't Post to Mobile Link Properly

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I use the Zwift app on my iPhone to stream Zwift to a TV monitor via HDMI cable. Simultaneously, I use the Zwift Mobile Link (ZML) on my iPad (next to my bike) to control the action.


I have found (since the recent updates) that ZML receives all telemetry data (i.e., speed, power, heart rate, surrounding riders, etc.) accurately and without issue.


However, when it comes to power-ups, ZML will recognize the first power-up earned (i.e., typically after the spawn point), but when the first is used by activating on ZML and another is earned in-game (i.e., on my iPhone), the second power-up does not show up on ZML (i.e., it does not appear in the circle on the “map” page or register on the second “control” tab either). In other words ZML does not recognize the second earned power-up even though a new power-up is earned and shows up on the in-game Zwift app screen.


This has happened each time I have used Zwift (~3 times now) since the recent update.


Has anyone else notice this?



Hi John,

Thanks for writing in! This is a known issue and we are working on a fix for a future release.

Hi John, 

This is confirmed Fixed in test at Zwift HQ. The next release for ZML will have this working better than ever. Thanks for your report!

Hi Eric and Mark,

Great to hear!  Thanks for responding!