Are Power Ups down?

Noticed during my rides this week that even though my screen indicates I have a Power Up - iPhone app says No Power Ups Available or similar. Anyone else see this?

Not the end of the world but they do come in handy sometimes, especially during recovery laps.

Hi Jari, 

Thanks for your question! If you start riding in Zwift and get a power up before your phone is fully connected, your phone won’t get the memo that you have a power up available in the game.  

You can use the existing power up by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard and the next one you receive should show up on your phone as long as your phone is connected when you get it. 

Crystal thanks, I’ll give that a try next time. Yeah I usually start the app up once I’m on the bike pedaling, so thats probably it.

PS kudos to your team for creating such an awesome product!!! Really makes riding the trainer fun, and has kept me fit while my elbow mends, just about there.