Received Ride Ons not notified on screen or in pockets

For the past couple of group rides, maybe more, I have not been notified of any ride ons received and my jersey pockets have remained empty. On completion of the ride my summary screen also shows 0 ride ons, but reviewing the ride in the companion app I see I received 24 during the ride.

Today I was chatting on Discord with my ODZ chums and discussing the issue. They gave me ride ons, but to them my pockets remained empty. I also noticed someone else to whom I have a ride on, but her pockets remained empty throughout the ride. This is a new, but seemingly persistent, bug.

I do see other people receive ride ons, but not the ones I receive.

I might add that I’m not a ride on w h o r e, but it would appear rude to ignore ride ons received simply because I had no idea that one came my way.

Here you can see my empty jersey pockets and also empty pockets on the lady in the pale blue jersey - F. Emma - to whom I (and I’m sure many others) had given a ride on earlier.

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@Tim_dODZ so i have been giving you ride-on’s for noting.

What Operating system are you using? I would suggest checking that zwift and your graphics driver is up to date.

I’m on Windows 10 x64. GFX are fine. GFX would not give me a zero value for ride ons in the summary screen. I also note that I apparently only rode with three other people on the ride summary screen, which is plain nonsense. I did try to scroll, but nobody else listed.

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This is weird…

I would suggest opening a support ticket and send them you ride *.log file and point them to this post.

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I have encountered this issue randomly during my time using Zwift and have yet to arrive at an explanation. At this point I just chalk it up to some sort of technical issue with my WiFi connection and trust that it will resolve itself the next time around. While it would be great for it to work all the time, it just hasn’t been a priority to really look into it. (FYI: I’m running Zwift on Apple TV over WiFi on a static channel.) I have noted during the rides when I don’t see any Ride Ons until after the ride is over that I am also unable to see any chats and that sometimes I am the only person who shows up on the results (on my screen, anyway) for KOMs and sprints.

I only noticed the problem recently, but maybe it has been going on for longer. I could see other people receiving Ride Ons and their pockets filling. No disappearing riders and text chat appeared as normal. In other words, no indicating of connection errors in game. I was also chatting on Discord with no disconnects.

Reviewing the ride in the companion app I can see the little video map of the ride showing the Ride One being dropped on me, but just nothing in the game itself.

I have raised a ticket and received an initial response. Ride log sent in for analysis.

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Ride Ons were still MIA yesterday in another event, a race this time, but there was a Zwift update this morning - Friday 31st May - and my Ride Ons have returned. Hopefully that’s the fix.

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This is exactly my experience too :+1:

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I had exactly this last night during the WBR Racing the Sun event. No chat at all, no Ride Ons, and added bonus that I wasn’t racing the sun (which should have been setting for the duration of the event?). All my ride ons appeared after the event, and I got my jersey unlock. Must be a connection issue I guess. I’m on AppleTV so can’t see the logfiles :man_shrugging:

I had the no “ride on” issue today, 200km and not one ride on! 38 received once I checked my activity after the event. I also wasn’t aware of any chat during the event but after looking at screen shots from other riders it appears there was chat, one screen shot shows the leader saying it’s quite today, makes me feel a bit ignorant for not replying!

Other issues during this ride was being the only rider showing in the jersey segments, also the concept bikes wheels were not illuminated, just black (only on my screen, I’ve seen my bike was illuminated on other peoples screen shots)

I use a Wattbike Atom on Zwift, this is having issues in itself with 4th gear showing on the screen, regardless of gear you’re in, Zwift are aware of that but appear to be struggling to find a fix, my fix is to turn the power to the bike off, then back on once at the start line, I’m now wondering if this is creating the other issues above.

Since the update on Thursday my in ride Ride Ons have continued to appear as normal and everything else appears to be fine for me.

FWIW I use a Tacx Neo, as I have for 3.5 years and 21,500 recorded Zwift miles.

Having the same problem over recent weeks.Using Windows 10 x64, with up to date drivers for GPU

For example, yesterday i had none come up on screen, none showing at the ride summary before saving, but the companion app showed 11, as does the saved file in My.Zwift

The other day i got 4, then they stopped. 4 at ride summary before saving, but the companion app showed 15, as i t does the save ride in My.Zwift.

So clearly they are being received on the game server, but are not being recorded on my game client.

I tried uninstalling Z and reinstalling, but no change

I asked Support about this awhile back and got no where. Has anyone had better luck in resolving the issue?

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Same issue for me, win7, ethernet connection, ANT+…it’s been a few rides since i noticed. Sometimes it works, others nope.

It seems to be working better using Wifi rather than ethernet. I was using Ethernet over Power before. Still odd, as it used to work fine

Hi Tim. Is this still an issue for you or was it resolved for good?

I have the same problem even when riding solo. Empty pockets from those riding at the same time.

I have lodged a ticket with Zwift, but haven’t got a reply. Searching the forum i see others have played with Ports on their routers, deleted the Zwift folder in Documents and turned group chat on, but none of those ideas have fixed it for me!

I don’t recall the last time I saw this problem, but it is certainly very rare now, to the point of not causing concern for me. I don’t think it is fixed though, as sometimes I see too many other riders in a large group ride with suspiciously empty pockets when ride ons are being thrown about like confetti.

If I didn’t mention it before, the problem seems worse, or maybe exclusively, when switching to Watopia on the start screen instead of the world of the day. I do this with nearly every ride to start with, for easy miles on Tempus Fugit for my warm-up instead of wasting Strava miles in the pen. It is probably months since I last experienced the problem personally.

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I would say that it is not fixed, no. I run Zwift on an iPad, and often do rides (races / groups / solo) where I am not getting the Ride On on screen or in pocket, but then I’ll see a few in the companion after the ride.
It’s not a huge deal. Mostly, it’s frustrating because if I don’t know someone gave me a Ride On, I can’t reciprocate, and I look like a jerk.

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That is how i see it too

_+1 for the issue repport.
Having similar issue, not sure for how long, but at least several weeks.
OS: Win 10.
When someone gives me a rideon most of the time I do not receive any visual on-screen notification (the small text on top with message that specific user gave a rideon). But in the end of the ride, later, I could see some rideons inside Campanion app.

It might be some new issue that appeared after the latest updated?