Rebroadcast data not working - Garmin

Post update, zwift footpod data rebroadcast from Garmin FR945 no longer works with Zwift. Ive tried connecting footpod directly to swift which works. Footpod also pairs with garmin ok, and can be seen as sensor on watch, but speed and cadence are taken from watch movement not the rebroadcast footpod movement. Ive tried resetting the watch to no avail. Tried battery change and reset of footpod to no avail. Also had HRM connected to watch, but not sure which source provided that data, wrist or ext HRM.

Hi @Andrew_Murray,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues getting your devices to send data through the Gamin Virtual Run Profile, but we are here to help! Since the Zwift Runpod connects through bluetooth, be sure that no other device or app is stealing the connection of the Runpod as that would prevent your Garmin Watch from rebroadcasting the data. Here is our article on signal interference if you need more information on this!

Another resource I’d recommend checking out is Garmin’s article on Using the Virtual Run Feature.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns; we would be happy to assist!

Wow you saved me a lot of trouble, thank you. For anyone who might read this later, the issue was my Samsung phone stealing the rebroadcast part of the signal. Not sure why it is doing that, maybe because it has Garmin connect service installed on it and pairs to the watch as default? Switching off Bluetooth on the handset makes the issue go away. I will have to stream music from elsewhere.

That is awesome news! I’m glad you narrowed down the issue!

Something that I would recommend trying is checking to see if your phone has a saved pairing for the Runpod in its bluetooth options, if so, you can delete that pairing and still be able to use your phone for bluetooth music!

Give that a shot and let us know how it goes!