Really disappointed

Hi there,

Just bought my wife a treadmill and Zwift footpod so she can run indoors now the cold, wet, dark nights have well and truly drawn in. Tried it out for a couple of runs last weekend, little inaccurate but worked really well.

Today, the pod just will not wake up … as I speak, she is running along at 7.5kph on her treadmill, Bluetooth pairing screen flashing away, no light on the pod, nothing we do will bring it to life.

Am I missing something?


Replace battery?

Maybe replace battery, others here have noted the low battery life. If you search threads here you’ll find others with the same issue. I found the apple watch to be somewhat better at pairing and working, but not any more accurate. I recently purchased a Stryd footpod and love it. Accurate, consistent and always pairs immediately. I struggled with the milestone (now Zwift) footpod for almost two years before making the switch and wish I had done it much sooner.

I had similar issue with it when new but I replaced the battery with a brand new one and its been fine

Thanks for these answers. Replaced the battery with a brand new one and it worked straight away … for one run. My wife has just tried it again, and exactly the same issue. Tried taking out the battery and putting it back in, no change. Put in another brand new battery, again worked immediately.

This clearly is not how it is supposed to work, and I find it impossible to believe that the battery has discharged in the space of less than one week and just a single run … and, frankly I am not prepared to spend a fortune having a fresh supply of 2032’s in the house just so we can give the footpod a new one every. Single. Run.

Am I missing something? I was given to understand that the footpod powers itself off when not in use, but is there some way to turn it off that we are not doing? Is there something else we are supposed to do to preserve battery life? Is this just a duff unit in need of a replacement?

And … why is the footpod now £37.99 when it was only £24.99 when I bought it a few weeks ago?

Oh … and hope everyone is having/has had a restful and enjoyable Christmas Day

No I don’t think your missing anything David. When I’m done with my zwift footpod I just leave it on my trainers which get out away until the next run (it turns itself off when stationary and back on when it is moved. (a green LED on the top shows it is turned on) Is there a chance that where you’re storing the footpod is moved (like a gym bag or on top of a washing machine) which makes it stay turned on? Also, are you buying good quality batteries? Mine came with a cheap version but was fine with a duracell one. Both probably sound really obvious but worth a try. Hope you get sorted, if you have other questions just fire away.

Thanks Peter, that’s what I figured.

Definitely not being left somewhere that it could be activated accidentally or not allowed to go to sleep, so only thing left is to try some Duracells if they have worked for you. The last ones I bought were Energiser so I figured still a good quality battery but they were quite a bit cheaper than the Duracells.

David, send a note to Zwift customer service. There are a number of easily solvable reasons you may be experiencing issues. Chances are your battery is fine.

Will do Mike.


Just to update those of you kind enought to respond here … the problem appears to have now been eliminated, thanks to the latest firmware update. Been rocksolid now for the last several runs.

Kudos to the tech boy for sorting this one out.

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