Real turbo muin b+ and iPad

(Kirill Klochkov) #1


I’ve tried Zwift on iPad. And there no resistance on flat. 52-12, cadence 155 = 700 watts. 52-15, cadence 85-90 = 130-140 watts. There no problems with Mac and PC (Ant+ connection). Problem only with iPad bluetooth connection. How can i fix this? Can you help me? I have Quarq as power source and cadence sensor, and Real turbo muin b+ as FE-C controllable trainer. Tainer is calibrated. 

(Steven D) #2

Hi Kirill,

It looks like you already have a support ticket open for this issue. Regrettably, it appears that you’ve encountered a known bug in the game and my colleague mentioned it in his response on your ticket.

This issue seems to be affecting select Elite trainers paired to Zwift via BLE. Until we can deploy a fix for this game bug, the suggested workaround is to use Zwift on your Mac or PC and pair your Elite smart trainer with a supported ANT+ connection. 

I apologize for the inconvenience and I appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue. Ride On!