Smart Trainer Resistence - Bluetooth via iPAD

(Paul Bray) #1

Hi. Am using a Tacx T2240 via Bluetooth to iPad/iPhone. Does Zwift controlled variable resistance work in this configuration or do I need to transfer onto ANT+? Have tried to toggle ERG mode on and off but doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Appreciate any help

(Lin Alan) #2

You cannot do ANT+ with an iPad/iPhone. For ERG mode to work, you need to select/pair the trainer for both the power source and controllable options on the pairing screen.

Seems obvious, but you might want to make sure bluetooth is actually enabled on your iPad/iPhone (been there done that :man_facepalming:).

(Paul Bray) #3

Thanks. Recognise you can’t do Ant+ on iOS and have a PC ready and waiting IF there is a fundamental constraint that means resistance change can’t be performed via Bluetooth from iPad.

The trainer seems to be fully paired and connected, have used twice. Just don’t notice any automatic resistance change so am having to use gears to compensate

(Lin Alan) #4

I assume you’re trying to do a workout in ERG mode, which should work. To be clear, ERG mode is when the the trainer resistance is controlled by Zwift to match a certain wattage no matter your cadence. This should not require any gear shifting.

On the other had, if you’re free riding around in Zwift, do you feel resistance changes when you hit a hill? This will require gear changes to compensate for power just like in real life when you’re outside.

If you have a PC w/ANT+ dongle, give it a try. If that works, then you know it’s not the trainer! Well, unless something is whack w/the trainer bluetooth.

(Paul Bray) #5

Don’t have an Ant+ dongle yet. I haven’t noticed the trainer changing resistance in line with gradients etc. I’ll do some free riding over the weekend and see if I can determine if it is doing anything or not

(Paul Bray) #6

Just to clarify for others benefit who may read this. Adaptive resistance definitely does work via BLE in this configuration. Tried an open (group ride) and resistance definitely did apply when on the inclines within zwift

(Lin Alan) #7

So it looks like your problem is when you select a workout (ERG mode). I would say based on what I have seen here on this forum, most of these type of issues are in workout mode.

Also, there have been a lot of BLE issues since sometime this past summer w/one of the updates. Here is an entire thread on said issues:

(Matt Child) #8

I find resistance in workouts is far greater than free rides. Holding power at FTP is really difficult - i have to knock 10% off to sustain it more than 5 mins.

(Lin Alan) #9

Resistance in free rides should be substantially less than a workout at FTP. One doesn’t normally ride around at FTP when not doing workouts.

If you’re saying that resistance at FTP in workout mode is more than resistance at FTP in free ride, I don’t understand.