Pedal resistance not working

I’ve been using an iPad with no issues but just switched to a MacBook Pro (older). Pedal resistance is the same regardless of incline. Using a Tacx Vortex. ANT+ is working and Bluetooth recognizes my trainer. What am I missing??

Are you using ant + or Bluetooth?

Did you pair as power and controllable.

Using ant+ for the first time so unsure if it’s working 100%. Also have Bluetooth enabled and recognizes trainer but, again, unproven with trainer.

Also pair as controllable.

I would suggest only using ANT+ and see how that work. Get the ant+ dongle as close to the trainer as possible.

Did that too and the laptop is next to my front wheel. Can’t get much closer to the trainer or I won’t be able to see it. Hurts my neck just thinking about it. Good suggestions - anything else?

Hmmm. Can I use a USB extender cable for the ANT+ and run it back to the trainer?

Yes, an ANT+ dongle with a USB extension is the way to go.

Make sure you are connecting using the FC-E

If using Ant+, turn off BT. Or at least make sure that Power Source and Controllable are using the same protocol. Also, make sure not using ERG mode.

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