Resistance on Tacx flow smart

(Alexander Rossel) #1


Seems to be no resistance on hills today ans yesterday when i rode on my smart trainer. Its connected to my pc via the tacx ant+ dongle. Do you have any solutions for this?


(David K) #2

Hey Alex,

In checking your account a bit, I noticed you don’t have an FTP set and that can affect the amount of resistance you’re feeling in-game. When you have a bit of time to spare, please try completing an FTP test and if you’re still noticing a lack of resistance, please open a support ticket with us or let us know here.

(Alexander Rossel) #3


Thanks for the answer, il try that although i had noticable difference in resistance during my trail periode. It just suddenly didnt work on friday.

(David K) #4

Hey Alexander,

I’m thinking that’s just coincidental. I don’t see any differences in pairing between when you used to be on a trial and pairing after signing up for an unlimited membership aside from adding in a Heart Rate Monitor.

Now that I take a closer look, I have more of a feeling this is an issue with your FTP because I can see you used to have one set. When you were on a trial, your FTP was 230, but now it’s set to 0.